Barely two months after maverick politician and businessman Kennedy Agyapong accused Politicians from the three Northern Regions of Ghana of not lifting one another up because they believe the race to the top is a competition where each of them thinks of himself first rather than support one another, Mr Agyapong is now asking the two most respected politicians from the North to put their differences aside and develop the north as a deliberate policy,

Mr Kennedy Agyapong made this observation when he appeared on Adom TV Badwam after the Lawra Traditional Council enstooled him as development chief of the Lawra Traditional Area.

The legislator was consequently labelled Tengmaal Naa, Kennedy Dery Agyapong, as his chieftaincy title.

The ceremony was performed by Naa Puowelle Karbo III, paramount chief of Lawra Traditional Area, who said the honour was in recognition of the character, work, attitude and orientation of the MP towards improving the conditions of the vulnerable in society.

He said the MP’s frankness was an inspiring trait that had played a part in his successful life, both as a private person and a politician, even if it had hurt a few.

He said the MP’s devotion to improving the needs of the vulnerable, including women, was not only admirable, but an attribute that marked him out.

But Mr Kennedy Agyapong speaking on Adom TV followed by said when his chopper was flying overhead in the North to land in Lawra, what he saw on the ground hurt him so bad. He said even from the air, he could see the poverty of the people.

He pleaded with Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia and former President John Mahama to for once put their differences aside and work for the development of the north.

“When our airforce jet was flying over, what I saw on the ground is bad! These people dont deserve that. Please, Dr Bawumia and Mahama must come together to change the north…. … ”..

The host, Omanhene cut him for a commercial break when he could have said more.

Kennedy Agyapong in October speaking on Net2 TV’s The Dialogue had ccondemned a call by Alhassan Suhuyini, NDC MP urging Northerners to vote for their ‘own Mahama’. Kennedy Agyapong said he didnt understand why Northerners should vote for their own when Mahama for 8 years had little to show for being a Northerner.

Kennedy Agyapong said Northern politicians only “remember they are Northerners when it comes to elections” but their people have nothing to show.

“In Mahama’s hometown Bole, they look after patients on a plywood with a drip on their hand and all. What has Mahama done for them? He and all his brothers, Ibrahim, Alfred, Energy, what did they do?” He quizzed.

Kennedy Agyapong narrated the story of a Gonja lady who ran to him for help to pay her Law School school fees after in her word, “her own people failed her”.

“There is this lady running an NGO at Bole who is helping the community and she has gotten GIMPA law school but there is no one to help her. She is a Gonja.” Kennedy Agyapong revealed he helped her pay part and will meet her later to add the balance because she has whatsapped him the old receipt, recalling how he meets numerous talented Northerners who don’t get help from their ‘numerous big men scattered all over the place”.

“The Northerners must learn to help their people to get their loyalty” he advised because according to him, “Northern politicians don’t help their people. “You see, these Northerners, they don’t want to help the people so that they can continue to lord themselves over them.” he pointed out.

He said when Northerner make money they move to Accra and forget their people.

“Do you know how they behave when they get rich as Northerners?” He asked rhetorically, answering almost immediately: “They move to Accra and forget their people!”

Recently Vice President Dr Bawumia came under attack after he initiated some specific projects under the Sinohydro deal to cater for some parts of the north. He was accused of putting “his people” first.


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