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Tony Lithur accuses Nana Oye of having affairs

We earlier reported that renowned lawyer, Tony Lithur is seeking divorce from his wife, Nana Oye Lithur.

In a petition dated May 2, 2018 which was filed at a High Court in Accra, Mr Lithur claimed their marriage had broken down beyond repair and his continuous stay in the marriage would only cause him pain.

Curiously among the litany of reasons being cited for the divorce was Mr Lithur’s claim that Nana Oye, equally renowned for her human rights advocacy, has been having extra marital affairs.

In the petition sighted , Mr Lithur named two men his wife has been allegedly sleeping with.

One of them is called Samuel Cudjoe who Mr Lithur claimed to have been calling his wife at very odd hours for lengthy chats.

According to Tony Lithur, he once overheard Cudjoe declaring love to his wife on phone who responded positively but when confronted, she denied though while admitting talking to Cudjoe at that odd hour.

The relationship between Nana Oye and Cudjoe, Lithur claims, has been so obvious that Cudjoe’s wife even noticed at some point and asked him (Lithur) to warn his wife. The renowned lawyer still suspects Nana Oye is seeing Cudjoe.

The second person Mr Lithur named is one James Yankah who he described as Nana Oye’s ‘childhood sweetheart’.

For him, the petition explained that Nana Oye reconnected with Yankah after his long stay in England.

The part of Tony Lithur’s petition on Nana Oye and Samuel Cudjoe’s alleged affair

Mr Lithur claims to have chanced upon text messages suggesting that the two were in constant communication for some time now and spend time together when Yankah is in Ghana or Nana Oye travels to England.

Some of the exchanges were “very endearing text messages between the two of them that were quite unsettling,” the petition partly stated.

Tony Lithur, known to be the lawyer for former President John Mahama, and Nana Oye, a lawyer and a former Minister for Gender and Children, have been considered as a power couple.

If the divorce goes through, it will bring an end to almost three decades of marriage. The two have been married for 27 years, customarily on April 14, 1991 before going under the Ordinance at the Christ the King Catholic Church in Accra on January 16, 1997.

The part of Tony Lithur’s divorce petition talking about alleged affai between Nana Oye and James Yankah