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There is no Mahama faction in the NDC – Man-Mahama is the NDC’s 2020 Message

Some politicians have now developed habit of factions in almost every sphere, and it mostly happen within the parties circles. Going by the popular dictum ‘united we stand, divided we fall’s.Undoubtedly, no group within the NDC can achieve anything significant without unity, particularly in elections, as political party implies the coming together of a group of people that shares the same passion, ideologies, aspirations and inclinations to hijack the instrumentalities of power.

But if party members including persons aspiring to lead the party [NDC] who are supposed to be united for the purpose of hijacking power allow rancor, selfish interest, acrimony or differences to enter their midst and cause distraction or derailment, the purpose of their political aspiration and the party’s target to recapture power in 2020 will automatically become futile and fruitless. Some of the party’s stalwarts including some seeking to lead the NDC in 2020, have been fanning the flame of divisions and promoting a schism among the rank and file.

We must not be surprised if we later find out that some of the respected party persons including some who are aspiring to lead the party are perpetrators of this politics of functionalism.

But my advice now is for those who call themselves supporters of the party to make sure they lead by bury that mindset because it is becoming a bad trend in the party and it’s a threat to our principles and values as a party. It is as if people cannot come together while ignoring selfish interest, to act in concert in order to achieve set out goals.

John Mahama, doe not need formation of groups or factions to survive or win the flag bearer contest. He has no faction within the NDC and has genuinely demonstrated that neutrality from day one. He has stated time and time again that having dissent voices in political parties and people expressing the desire to contest for vacant positions or contesting for party positions is not new in our polity. He concentrated the first half of his post 2016 election on the party’s reorganization process and joined the party’s leadership and the grassroots in their reorganization drive. Taking a look at historical antecedents, it reveals how some self centered party persons out of their insatiable maniac for power, and inordinate passion for public position, inexplicable arrogance, and sordid ambitions caused cracks in the party thereby allowing lizards to enter. Some broke away to form their political parties because of internal disagreements, some defected to the Npp and some channelled their energies and resources into forming groups to undermine the party’s unity and progress. Before Prof Mills’ demise some of these elements exerted intense pressure on then Vice President Mahama to contest his boss because of the latter’s health challenges. Mr Mahama furiously rejected that call and openly stated his unflinching support for his Boss’s second term move. This singular act of loyalty to Prof caused serious rift between Mr Mahama and those who pushed the anti Mills agenda. It is ‘crystal clear’ that John Mahama will lead the NDC in the 2020 contest. John Mahama himself is very much aware of this eventuality so will not do anything negative to create unnecessary tension and disaffection amongst the rank and file.

The battle in 2020 is not going to be a battle between the NDC and the Npp as it had always been. Ghanaians are going to give their verdict on Akufo Addo’s performance using John Mahama’s performance as their marking scheme. For the first time in the history of Ghana, a defeated incumbent is going to have an open opportunity to seek for reelection and also defend his policies. Grover Cleveland, Kerekuo etc who hard the opportunity to defend their policies in their second attempts, won their second reelection attempts convincingly.

Recent developments in Ghana do not show that we are moving towards a better Ghana, but they show that at least people are thinking. Ghanaians are now becoming conscious that what we have is not ideal, that what we have is not good, that what we have is not working, that the government we have is dysfunctional government. Ghanaians are reflecting on the state of the nation.