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Stop the Cruel Propaganda Against Bawumia’s Health -United Zongo For Bawumia

A group calling itself United Zongo for Bawumia has asked people trying to score political points and doing propaganda with the health of Vice-President Dr Mahmoud Bawumia to put a stop to it.

In a statement signed and copied to, the group mentioned that The health status of the Vice President has lately been a propaganda tool and the mischievous imaginations of some political opponents, an act they find very unfortunate.

Below is the full statement

Press statement from United Zongo For Bawumia.



It must be duly acknowledged that Allah is the granter of good health and also the gift of healing; matters of such remain solely in His hands, not humans. So it is usually unacceptable that the state of the health of each one of us suffers mischiefs, cruel propaganda, hypocritical comments and other unfortunate imaginations.

We may not be medical practitioners, but, basic health knowledge, indicates that a built up stress replicates in all humans upon series of work loads, engagements and countless of sleepless nights; a condition, presumably, Dr. Bawumia finds himself.

The Vice President is the Head of the Economic Management team of our country, tasked by the overwhelming majority of Ghanaians to fix the terrible messes left behind by the then NDC Mahama-led administration.

As a team leader who inherited a budget deficit of 9.3% of GDP, but, strategically proceeded to reduce taxes, brought down inflation considerably, reduced interest rates, increased economic growth from (3.6% to 7.9%), increased our international reserves, maintained a relative exchange rate stability, reduced the debt to GDP ratio and the rate of debt accumulation, reduced the fiscal deficit from 9.3% to an estimated 5.6% of GDP, paying arrears inherited, stay current on obligations to statutory funds, restored teacher and nursing training allowances, doubled the capitation grant, implemented free senior high education within a year in power.

These unprecedented economic achievements would never have been if we have a ‘sleeping’ Leader to the Economic Management team. Every person close to Dr. Bawumia would admit the number of sleepless nights he endures at service to his people and country.

Also, if we may all consider the current Vice President’s role in the NPP’s 2016 elections campaign; the travels across the length and breadth of country, series of lectures and meetings, planning, drawing economic policies and programmes in party’s manifesto and a lot within those periods.

Even an elastic has its limit of rupture or strain, how much more a human, so it may not be too strange, that Dr. Bawumia’s body responses to presumably such ‘in built stress’, something some of us might have gone through the worst should we have been in his shoes.

So, it only be imperative that we shut down those wicked propaganda by some political opponents up but rather, remember him in our prayers so he recovers well through a good rest and timely to keep fixing the messes the NPP government inherited.

We wish you a safe return home Veep. May Allah be your strength.

Long live GHANA

Long live NPP

Long live VEEP. Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia.



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