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Renaming FlagStaff House, Good Omen for Ghana–Apostle Adjei

Head Pastor of The Hezekiah Apostolic Prayer Ministry, Apostle Kwabena Owusu Adjei, has lauded President Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo, for renaming the FlagStaff House to Jubilee House, describing it as a good omen.

According to the renowned Apostle, the President decision to rename the seat of government in a year after winning political power indicated that, the history of Ghana which was moving in a wrongful direction has been reversed.

He added that, the renaming of the FlagStaff House would set pace for the 2020 elections and that, per God revelation, the next general election would be inure to the National Democratic Congress(NDC), stressing that, ” the economic fortunes of the country will turn round and money everywhere.”

Apostle Adjei made the disclosure to THE REPUBLIC after a joint Church Services with the House of Glorious Ministry at Spintex in Accra , Thursday morning.

At the Church services, Apostle Adjei and Prophet Nana Badu, Head Pastor of the House of Glorious Ministry dedicated a gallon of ‘Almond Oil’ on the Altar which would be kept on the Altar till November 29, which falls on former President John Mahama birthday.

The Almond Oil, he explained is God given oil and this is the second time God has directed him to use it. The Almond Oil known as oil of joy is locked under key with seven padlocks to be kept on the Altar from March 29, Akufo Addo birthday till the 29th November, Mahama birthday when it would be sprinkle on Ghanaians at various crusades.

The Almond Oil

The Flagstaff House was reconstructed and inaugurated by the government of John Agyekum Kufour with the name Golden Jubilee House in November 2008 when construction was about 70%–80% completed.

In January 2009, the government of President John Evans Mills moved the office of the president back to Osu Castle and later changed the sign in front of the building back to its original name claiming that the previous government had not used a Legislative Instrument to effect the change as required by law.

The Mills government was in turn criticised that the name Flagstaff House which was given to the building by the British Gold Coast government glorifies Ghana’s Gold Coast past. The seat of government was moved back to Flagstaff House in January 2013 under John Mahama.

But President Akufo Addo on Thursday morning March 29, a day which happened to be his 74th birthday, renamed the FlagStaff to Jubilee House, thereby restoring the name given to the seat of government after it was built in 2007.

Nevertheless, Apostle Adjei said, history would repeat itself and that the renaming of the seat of government would bring more glory onto the nation.

He said, on 24 February 1966, soldiers stormed Flagstaff house as part of a military coup ousting Ghana’s First President Kwame Nkrumah in a coup and afterward, the UP tradition leaders took over the presidential throne.

“When Kwame Nkrumah was removed from the FlagStaff House, Busia and Akufo Addo of the UP tradition became Prime Minister and ceremonial President respectively. Again, When President Mahama from Nkrumah tradition background was removed, again Nana Akufo Addo of the UP tradition became President.

“But let me tell you that, what I am seeing, Mahama will come back to finish the unfinished Nkrumah agenda. So by 2021, Mahama will be sworn in as President and Ghana will gain economy Independency and Nkrumah agenda would be fulfilled,” he said.
Sounding very spiritual, Apostolic Adjei said he warned Ghanaians ahead of the December 7, 2016 elections and January 7, inauguration that if Nana Akufo Addo ascend the throne, Ghana would face a lot of atrocities and economic challenges.

Further more, the apostle said he had said time and again that the murder of Hon. J. B. Dankwa Adu was a ritual one that made way for Nana Addo to win the 2016 elections causing the woeful defeat of John Mahama and the NDC.

He blamed Mahama for not changing the seat of the Presidency from Flagstaff House to Golden Jubilee House, stating, “Jubilee means a year of emancipation and restoration,” as was named by former President J. A. Kofour when he built it to commemorate Ghana’s 50th anniversary after independence.

The man of God said, in 2012 elections, he told Akufo Addo he was going to lose the election and it happened, but because Akufo ambition to be President, he took the 2012 election to court and he warned him again that he was going to lose the court and truly he lose the election petition.

The pastor further refers to prophecies that tells that President Akufo Addo would be hospitalised in London just as President Buhari of Nigeria, but fortunately onnthe part of Akufo Danquad, the bad spirit was diverted onto the Vice President, Dr Mohammoud Bawumia.

He revealed that, Mahama would come back in the year 2020 to prepare the grounds for Ghana’s economic stability come the year 2021 and beyond, pointing that, ‘’God allowed former President Mahama to lost the 2016 elections so Ghanaians will all know how disgraceful the NPP is.”

“It was such hidden agenda that brought about some unnecessary insinuations and agitations that almost threatened the oneness of the nation before and during the elections,” he said.

Ghana, he said would not experience robust economy until NDC comes back, adding that who ever leads the NDC must launch the Nkrumah unfinished agenda.

The Apostle Adjei described the defeate of the NDC as a more positive as God whisked power from former president Mahama and the party to reveal the wrong doings of Nana Addo and the New Patriotic Party,

Prophet Nana Badu in a sermon enjoined Ghanaians to remained united in fight against societal problems that bedeviled the country, stating, ” Ghana is not a failed nation.”
He urged politicians to have a little faith and believe in pastors who are not popular as those that rap shoulders with them for it is only God who knowns the heart of a true prophet and wealthy Christians.

Prophet Badu later led congregation to pray for the nation against economic difficulties as the present situation points to wrongful direction on the economy.