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Reasons Why Nurses And Doctors Will Vote For John Dramani Mahama In 2020 General Elections

Reasons Why Nurses And Doctors Will Vote For John Dramani Mahama In 2020 General Election.

After 2016 presidential and parliamentary elections in the republic of Ghana or after the defeat John Dramani Mahama in 2016 Ghanaian general elections.

John Dramani Mahama and National Executive Committee team of National Democratic Congress NDC activists have tried to show the Ghanaian people why he is far better than Nana Addo and why he can best manage manage Ghana’s Economy of the country as compared to the current president Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo.

The former president and his current team manager Professor Joshua Alabi have listed a number of reasons to support his Mr Mahama and notable among these reasons are the ones pertaining to the health sector and uncountable number of hospitals he constructed across the country.

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John Mahama who is a native of Bole Banboe in the Northern part of Ghana is the brain behind the massive hospitals across the country which they are using currently as a treatment center for the novel COVID 19.

Under the former president John Mahama, many hospitals have been equipped with personal protective materials and emergency department including intensive care unit department.

Mr Mahama infrastructure development programme especially the building of many hospitals,.school blocks and the construction of many roads that lead to some schools and major towns around the country.

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The former president opponents often argue with the fact that he canceled the nursing trainees allowances, he replaced the allowances with the students loan for every needed students to receive.

However, governments failure to constantly pay the nursing trainees these days is a clear indication that Mahama was being truthful when he stated that the country at the time was incapable of paying the said allowances hence the cancellation.

Which would you rather have A president who tells the truth as it is or one who gives false hope and takes little or absolutely no action?

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But can the good people of Ghana also say boldly Nana Akuffo Addo deserves a lot of credit for his giant step in implementing the Free Senior High School policy?

However, the president with a more sustainable vision among the current president and his predecessor is the later.

Human as he is, John Dramani Mahama who was the vice president when the single spine structure policy was implemented deserves the votes of the doctors and the nurses.

This is because the policy at that time doubled salaries of nurses and doctors even in some cases more than a double.

This shows how committed the National Democratic congress NDC is to ensuring that nurses and doctors enjoy maximum comfort.

Mr Mahama opponents the ruling NPP government may also argue that, the former president failed in dealing with the crises of unemployed nurses across the country which hurt them in many ways. Can this make a headway for nurses to punish Mr Mahama?

However, we must not be in haste to forget who signed the International Monetary Fund, the deal that is largely responsible for resolving the financial problems in Ghana’s Economy.

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In all, John Dramani Mahama has served both doctors and nurses of our country more diligently and as such deserves an endorsement for upcoming general election.

As a responsible citizen of the republic of Ghana, do you think John Dramani Mahama deserves an endorsement from nurses and doctors?

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Do you think he deserves the votes of citizens in the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections?

You can freely share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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