Mayor of Ivory Coast Honors Majid Michel, Attractive Mustapha and others

Danho Paulin, the Mayor of Ivory Coast gives Majid Michel, the versatile Ghanaian actor, an award for his hard work in the movie industry of Africa.

Michel picks up this award during Le Grand Prix Africain Du Cinema De La Television Et des Tic (GPACT) – the African Golden Crown Awards – that took place last Sunday in Abijan, Ivory Coast.

Danho Paulin honors the Ghanaian actor for the effort he is making in the African entertainment industry by giving him a special award.

After receiving the award, Michel (in his speech) requests the African film producers to pray for Danho Paulin for investing in the African movie industry in general and movie industry of Ivory Coast in particular by supporting the GPACT awards.

He emphasizes on the need to pray for the Mayor so that he will do better in investing in the movie industry. According to him, many people may not appreciate the good work of Danho today but with time, people will understand
thatmajid-300×221 the mayor has made a good decision to invest in the movie industry. He refers to America that, according to him, has got to where it is today thanks to its movie industry.

Majid who came to the event with his wife and celebrity journalist who was also honoured by the organizers is highly revered in Ivory Coast. According to Coulibaly Adama, the director of the awards, and Yaya Fofana, his assistant, Majid will be surprised to see how honored and celebrated he is in Ivory Coast even though it is a French speaking country. This, according to them, is a clear indication of how prevailing film making can be.

There are other actors from other African countries such as Nigeria, Benin, Cameroon, Chad, Liberia, Togo, Sierra Leone, and others that receive special awards also for their contribution in the African movie industry.