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Man Arrested For Selling Lover

Samuel Dadson, a 22-year-old man who attempted to sell his 21-year-old girlfriend for rituals has been arrested by the Accra Regional Police Command.

Suspect Dadson, currently in police custody, was arrested red-handed presenting the victim who he had lured from Kumasi to Accra to the supposed ritualist, when police accosted him.

DCOP Christian Tetteh Yohuno, the Accra regional police commander together with his Deputy, ACP Yoosa Bonga, told the media yesterday that suspect Dadson, who had dated the victim for only one month, lived together with her in Kumasi in the Ashanti Region.

While on a visit to Accra in June last year, suspect Dadson met a taxi driver to whom he expressed desire to get somebody who could assist him get rich through ‘juju’ (ritual).

The driver then told Dadson that he had heard rumours of a Mallam at Weija who could help him.

They both exchanged telephone numbers and parted ways.

On June 2, 2013, suspect Dadson called the taxi driver (name withheld) on the telephone from Kumasi to enquire if he could get somebody who would want human head to buy.

The driver who became frightened informed his pastor about the development.

The pastor advised the driver to report the matter to the police immediately.

The police, in collaboration with the taxi driver, called the suspect on the telephone to give him a number they claimed was for the Mallam who needed human head for rituals.

Suspect Dadson later called the number and told the supposed Mallam that he could provide two heads but at a cost of GH¢8,000 per one.

The supposed Mallam agreed and went on to enquire how Dadson could get the heads.

The suspect then told the Mallam that he was ready to kill the victim and present the head to him later in Accra for his money.

To protect the victim from been killed, the Mallam asked the suspect to bring the victim in person to Accra to be killed at a later date, which he obliged.

Dadson then demanded an amount of GH¢100 for transportation since he was cash-strapped.

Police then sent the amount to the suspect through MTN Mobile Money on July 3, 2013 around 2:00pm.

Dadson, after collecting the money, lured the victim (name withheld), whom he had dated for only one month to Accra on a business trip.

When the two arrived at the VIP station that evening around 8:00pm, Dadson immediately called Mallam on the telephone to meet them at the station but he did not know he was being monitored by the police.

As soon as suspect Dadson handed over the victim to the Mallam, the police accosted him together with the victim to the regional headquarters for questioning.

Upon interrogation, suspect Samuel Dadson confessed to the act. He would be sent to court soon.

Meanwhile, parents of the victim have been called to Accra by the police to pick up their daughter back to Kumasi.

By Linda Tenyah