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John Mahama in his own words: Five things that caused his defeat

Former President John Mahama has been explaining away the reasons which led to his defeat in the 2016 polls.
The ex-president is staging a comeback, after becoming the first incumbent president in Ghana to lose a second term bid.

Many have asked him to make way for a new candidate to lead the National Democratic Congress (NDC) but he has announced he is contesting again.

The contest will also make him the first ever ex-president, who has served just a term, and is making a comeback to serve another term.

The ex-president has given multiple reasons for his defeat. In his own words, here are five reasons he assigned for his defeat.

1. God orchestration: Mr Mahama has said his defeat was orchestrated by God. He said the defeat is to afford Ghanaians the opportunity to compare the performance of his administration to that of the current administration led by Nana Akufo-Addo.

‘Sometimes we set our hearts on something but God won’t give it to you, however, whatever God does is good,’ he said in the Akan dialect to party followers at Awutu Senya in the Central Region in September.

2. Campaign funds diverted: The ex-president offered a tacit criticism of the NDC executives, saying funds for the campaign were diverted.

He said funds earmarked for the NDC’s campaign in 2016 did not reach the grassroots for the intended purpose.

“I have noted all our mistakes. We realized campaign funds were diverted, but we have learnt our lessons. We will ensure campaign funds go through the right channel to get the campaign done. In 2020, we must rise up and be vigilant. I am confident that at the end of the polls, NDC will be declared winner,” he said.

3. Impatient youth: In 2017, he told NDC MPs that the youth were in a “hurry to see results.”

“The world’s population is increasing, social media has brought communications to the doorsteps of people. In Africa we have a very young population that is impatient and they are in a hurry to see results.

“And so, when you have that kind of situation then despite your best effort…for them, change and things must happen at a breakneck speed. They don’t realize that change takes time and takes diligence and perseverance to nurture to be able to grow fruits,” he said.

4. Central Region divided: The ex-president again attributed his loss to divisions in the Central regional branch of the party.

Addressing the Central Regional Unity Walk, he noted: “The Party in Central Region is divided and that was one of the reasons why we lost.”

5. Deceitful promises: The ex-president in early October said the NDC lost power because president Akufo-Addo gave Ghanaians gargantuan promises.

According to him, the candidate Akufo-Addo gave unrealistic and deceitful campaign promises adding that the NDC was honest to Ghanaians about the state of the economy but his [Nana Addo] promises swayed votes in his favour.

“It is easy to win elections on sweet promises and a lot of unprincipled politicians do that. There is a saying and I am sure some of you might have heard it…if there is political power and you have to sell your mother, sell your mother and when you win you go and buy her back. I say we in NDC are principled we will never sell our mother for political power