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John Dramani Mahama’s Political Days May Be Over

The NPP is daring former President John Dramani Mahama to contest the 2020 Presidential Election because they have the means to beat him hands down. The NPP both privately and openly have not minced words about that. And you better take them serious! Especially, if you understand politics in Ghana! In this our world if you have your opponent daring you to a brawl, then you better watch out. Your opponent may be sitting on an arsenal, which he can use to easily defeat, floor or deflate you.

John Mahama speaking after an NDC Unity Walk in Wa, the regional capital of the Upper West Region, last weekend jokingly asked President Akufo-Addo to go for an Obinim’s (A controversial preacher) sticker since he’s struggling to improve the country’s economy. It has been stated innumerably that Obinim claims his sticker has the magic wand to do anything unimaginable hence Mahama’s advice to Akufo-Addo to go for one to cure his underperformance.

The NPP did not take kindly to this jab by Mahama against Akufo-Addo, and therefore descended heavily on the former. There were many who just insulted Mahama in disgusting words. But there is one person in NPP whose comments should give John Mahama and his camp the greatest cause to worry if he has any intention of throwing his hat into the 2020 race.

If you are a student or a professor of politics there are certain basic things you must always stuff in your pocket. Indeed John Mahama did well in terms of infrastructural development in Ghana. There is no doubt about that! But just ponder on what sank Mahama in the 2016 polls. And that is what the NPP will trumpet again. And Mustapha Hamid, Minister of Information could hardly wait in telling Mahama in the face.

Responding to Mahama’s prod against Akufo-Addo, Mustapha Hamid emphatically stated that Mahama will be a “cool chop” for the NPP if he’s the NDC’s Flag bearer.

And Mustapha Hamid tore Mahama into shreds! Mahama is ‘famously’ noted for cancelling allowances of teachers, nurses, books and research in an election year. And to add insult into injury Mahama stated that he did not care if by doing that it will cost him re-election. And it did cost Mahama! These are basic things! I mean basic political pitfalls that you don’t throw your political hat into. The NPP has even more dirt to throw at Mahama.

Have you noted the famous political tag the NPP uses against Mahama? Anytime, something crops up against any appointee of Mahama during his tenure, we hear, “Mahama’s Girl, Mahama’s Boys”, Mahama’s Appointees and many more.

Very soon, I mean soon and very soon, it will be “Mahama’s Wife”. Mahama’s wife Lordina will hugely be exposed for some alleged corrupt practices. If what the NPP is holding on their chest against Lordina Mahama is true then I can say with all certainty that Ex-President John Dramani Mahama is finished politically. This is indeed a calculated attempt to smear Mahama so bad that he will have no legs to stand on come 2020.

Alleged corruption against Mahama will be re-echoed strongly and daily that Lordina will have a tough time eating. It is being alleged in NPP quarters that most of Mahama’s corrupt practices were orchestrated by Lordina. Please this is what I’ve heard on the ground.

If the Free SHS introduced by Akufo-Addo turns around positively, Mahama will be a complete toast. All the negatives against Mahama are basic things he failed to respond to. Voters will be told that Mahama is somebody who does not care. Already many voters believe this so it will be easy to reinforce this negative tag.

That is why something else Mustapha Hamid said should gladden the hearts of NDC people. Here we go, “We will waste no time on Mr. Mahama; rather, we will pay attention to someone who has not contested the presidency before because that person may have innovative ideas to rule this county but not Mr. Mahama. Mr. Mahama is cool chop”, he added. Someone who has not contested the presidency before! Bam!

There are a number of NDC people who have expressed their interest to contest the 2020 Presidential primaries to be conducted by the NDC. We have the likes of Sylvester Mensah, Joshua Alabi, Ekwow Spio-Garbrah and Albert Albin Bagbin. But it seems these figures do not excite the NDC party base, which is why Mahama continues to be in the news.

But if the NDC is looking to win in 2020 why will they gamble with Mahama if they think he will not fly? Why will they work around Mahama if they know very well that the “dead goat” tag will once again sink the NDC in 2020 if they go with Mahama?

Are there no dark horses in the NDC who can be drafted to run in 2020? Guzzy Tandoh is certainly a good dark horse. We have Doe Adjaho, former Speaker of Parliament under Mahama. And former Vice President Paa Kwesi Amissah-Arthur I am told is also nursing a serious ambition to try his chance. And I will add Dr. Kwesi Botchwey, former Finance Minister under President Rawlings.

These are certainly dark horses that the NDC should consider. And John Mahama has made my case even stronger when he stated just this week when asked if he was going to run for the presidency in 2020, that if he decides not to run, others may enter the race.

At this point some people should gather the courage and persuade Mahama to step aside. Mahama will help the NDC better if he decides not to run. Mahama loses nothing if he does not run in 2020. But if he runs and loses the general Elections in 2020 he will go down in history as the person who took the reign of the NDC and torn it apart. Can Mahama live with that?

The 2020 Elections is not over for the NDC. It is not beyond the reach of the NDC. What the NDC needs to do is to go with the right candidate. Mahama’s face is currently known by many in Ghana. He is better known than all other possible NDC candidates. But his sins are also known than all other NDC possible candidates combined. And I must say that Mahama is not the right candidate! His political days may be over! It is therefore time for the NDC to look elsewhere