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Ordinarily one would have now allowed this matter (Bagbin’s outbursts) to rest but for the recent activities of the second deputy speaker of parliament and his directionless and visionless allies who keep insulting our sensibilities by continuously advertising their collective ineptitude in our national dallies, radio and television platforms and on some news portals. Hon Bagbin had the temerity to lecture his listeners on the tenets of democracy and how John Mahama governed the country. What he failed to tell his listeners and readers is how he become irrelevant after spending so many years in parliament.

The man did absolutely nothing for the party and his people throughout his tenure as majority and minority leader. Could this be why he is worried about personal political issues or is he afraid that his next attempt to enter parliament will not be successful so has resorted to this primitive politicking just to remain relevant in the Party. Per his activities in recent times, one can rightly conclude that Bagbin and his faction are bent on destroying the NDC completely it must have made the ruling Npp green with envy in terms of Bagbin’s huge capacity to exert maximum damage to the NDC’s corporate existence.

Have you ever seen a supposed opposition party elder fraternising with and eulogising the ruling party on every step taken and never criticising it, yet tongue lashing its own party? Cautioning Bagbin and his group to end their destructive agenda will save the NDC from self destruction and internally generated volcanic eruption. He has allowed himself to be used by the NPP to cause division in the NDC.

The party’s leadership including the party’s elders had been working very hard to carry all party members and supporters along towards organising a successful election (Regional, National and flagbearership elections). Leadership including the former president are putting resources in place to address all the fears earlier reported by some branch, constituency and regional leaders. I therefore see no reason for any honest member of the NDC to want to disrupt the party’s programmes, excerpt they are of course working for the ruling party the Npp

Subtle plans by Bagbin and his team to weaken the NDC, John Mahama and some high profile NDC members including former ministers of state were exposed to the public by some persons close to the second deputy speaker. Two powerful meetings were held at the Airport residence of a senior appointee of the current administration, some journalists and few party officers (branch). These are all part of the anti Mahama agenda and also to create unnecessary tension in the NDC before the election.

Hon Bagbin on a number of occasions disowned his party on the floor of parliament

He felt comfortable dealing with Npp businessmen than pro NDC businesspersons when he was the works and housing/ health minister. Michael Krakue a son of a founding father of the Npp and owner of ADK consortium was one of his closest allies. This is the man who thinks young persons in the NDC owning V8 and houses is a sin against the Holy Spirit. He will gave juicy contracts to sons and daughters of his Npp friends to execute but sees young men in the NDC progressing, as unacceptable.

He also attacked and attacking his colleagues minority MPs and disowned them on the floor of parliament

According to our sources, Hon Bagbin has been contracted to work against John Mahama’s comeback. His target is not the Flagbearership slot, but John Mahama. He knows that the internal dynamics and permutations do not support his agenda but decided to pursue it just to undermine the John Mahama comeback agenda.