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Ibrahim Jajah endorses John Mahama , As he picks forms to contest NDC Reg Vice Chair (Video)

West Ayawaso Wuogon NDC chairman, Ibrahim Jajah has endorsed former president John Dramani Mahama to lead the party again in 2020 general elections as he picks forms to contest the Greater Accra vice chairmanship.

In an interview with the media after successfully picking his forms, He said that its painful how ndc lost huge seats in the greater Accra region, so his intentions to contest is to help the party grab back all the seats they deserve.

He mentioned amongst other things that he has leadership qualities and hard work to support whoever would emerge next chairperson for the NDC in the Greater Accra Region to enable the party deliver over 25 seats needed in the region.

According to him, the party people, especially the youth saw in him the practical leadership he offered everyone, even outside his constituency, hence, their call for him to be part of the new regional executives ahead of election 2020.

Ibrahim Jajah (IB) promised quality leadership that would go along with the people, especially the youth. Party communicators described him as “Hope for the Hopeless; Voice for Voiceless, NDC beckons for you”.

Talking about Former president Mahama, he said that he is endorsing the former president because the grassroots are calling for his comeback.

“The current Government has failed all of us and members of the NDC are calling for the comeback of John mahama in other for him to come and continue his good works, so that’s why I am also endorsing him ” he ended