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Gospel Diva Ohenewaa Agyemang Releases New Album Titled Ebenezer (Video)

London based Ghanaian Gospel musician Ohenewaa Agyemang who has been in the music industry for over ten years has officially released her third album titled Ebenezer, glorifying how far the Lord has brought her as strong rock behind her.

Ohenewaa Agyekum revealed that music has been part of her right from birth as she started singing at a very tender age.

“My Dad Mr John Antwi, was one of the celebrated Musicians in the 80’s so I grew up learning more from him”.

Speaking about her new album, she explained that she derived her inspiration to name third album Ebenezer considering how far she has come in life.

As to why people should get a copy of the album, she said Ghanaians should get the album because the lyrics are directly from God.

“If it was from me I would have stopped doing music long ago , but because it is a direction from God to spread His word through music, that’s why I keep releasing the songs. Anything that comes from God Is real if you get this album you will be a blessing “, she added.

Click below to listen to the song titled Wop3 Ny3 H) on the Ebenezer Album which is currently enjoying air play .