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Go debate Akua Donkor, you’re no match for Bawumia – Presidential staffer ‘shreds’ Alex Mould

Economic advisor in the Office of the Vice President Evron Hughes has stressed that Mr Alex Mould of the opposition National Democratic Congress(NDC) is not Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia’s match when it comes to debates, stressing that even though it is “flattering” to know that Dr Bawumia is the standard of the NDC in their quest to select a running mate, Mr Mould’s assertions reflect his “incompetence and lack of strategic thinking”, adding that if Mr Mould is keen on debating others, persons like Akua Donkor are waiting to debate him.

Mr Alex Mould, a former Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Ghana National Petroleum Corporation and the National Petroleum Authority, had stated in an interview with Joy News that he was well-qualified to be running mate to former President John Mahama and that he could go head to head with Dr Bawumia as the two leading parties – the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party(NPP) – go into the 2020 elections.

But Mr Hughes has argued Mr Mould’s belief that he can take on Dr Bawumia in debates is misplaced given that it is the performance of both parties that will determine who wins the upcoming election.

“…Alex Mould surprises me. Not because he’s still interested in partnering with Mahama, (that alone raises a lot of questions about him) but because he frames his pitch to Mahama in the context of being able to “match” Dr. Bawumia, supposedly in a debate.

While this is flattering – that Vice President Bawumia is THE STANDARD NDC has been struggling to match since the time of the Late Amissah Arthur – it actually reflects the incompetence and lack of strategic thinking which afflicts the entire NDC clan.

Anyone who intends to use Dr. Bawumia as a lighting rod for his (or her) rise to the stature of a Vice President should be looking at what the NPP Government has achieved with the overwhelming mandate given to them by Ghanaians in three short years, not at whether s/he can win “debates.” If it is a debate Alex Mould is interested in, he can be sure there are many hungry to debate him including Madam Akua Donkor.

In the scheme of things, this election will largely be about what the Mahama-led NDC did with the mandate they were given, especially in its last four years vis-a-vis the NPP,” he argued on social media sighted by

He added that even though Mr Mould looks handsome,his handsomeness won’t do the trick since elections are not beauty contests.

“Alex Mould may look handsome, but as “Pretty Boy” Mahama showed us as Vice President, and then President, governance is not, as my friend Abu The Tailor will say, a “Fa-N-shion” (Fashion) Show,” he concluded.

Mr Alex Mould has been rumoured to be a leading contender in who becomes John Mahama’s running mate as they are likely to face President Akufo-Addo and Dr Bawumia in the elections