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‘Ghanaians may accept Mahama if he shows true change’ – Franklin Cudjoe

IMANI Africa President, Franklin Cudjoe, has said former President John Mahama only stands a chance to ascend to the Presidency again if he can show true remorse to Ghanaians.

Mr. Mahama was voted out of power in 2016 amid a cloud of discontent from Ghanaians.

The perceived disappointment with the Mahama administration manifested itself in the polls, with the National Democratic Congress losing by about one million votes, the heaviest defeat for an incumbent in Ghana’s history.

But Mr. Mahama is staging a comeback

“Does he think he has done enough reflection based upon what he has done or what he did before and especially the ones that gave him a lot of negative flack and whether he is able to shed all those things before [contesting]?”

” If persons of this nature (Stan Dogbe) were seen or are seen again to behave the same way they behaved, then you have issues.”

“Is he (Mahama) willing to do full penitence and then not just say here I am, I am ready because I have consulted, but can show clearly [he has changed in his own actions, then maybe he may gain some of those grounds back.”