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Ghanaian Actress Abena Kyei Boakye to campaign Against Incest

Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur Sussana Kyei Boakye popular known as Abena Kyei Boakye has declared her intention to campaign against incest, Children’s rights and men who sleep with their daughters.

Speaking as a lead character in a new movie titled “Kukesi” which is intended to re- orient and project African values and morals through its rich folklore with emphasis on our believes and customs that portray African-ism as a race with true chest for values and morals told that incest is highly being practiced in Africa but has been swept under the carpets and its impact on the society is underrated.

According to her, she got to research more into the act after she was casted in the movie ‘Kukesi’ and realised that high rate of people in Africa practice that act mutely so she decided to take the campaign on to reduce if not eradicate the rate at which people practice it.

She lamented that apart from the fact that incest deteriorate families and brings conflicts within the society, traditionally it is abominable and incurs a curse that lives with the family decades.

Abena Kyei Boakye made it known to that though the “Kukesi” movie will be officially launched at the Global Cinemas in Weija, Accra on Saturday, November 3, 2018, she has plans of officially creating huge awareness on incest on 23rd of April, 2019 which is the National Incest Day.