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Freddie Blay is buying votes with 275 buses – Stephen Ntim laments

Aspiring National Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Stephen Ntim has accused fellow contender Freddie Blay of trying to buy his way in the contest.

He said the purchase of 275 buses by Freddie Blay for the NPP is a form of vote buying tactics meant to sway the delegates.

“If you are really in love with your party or any organization that you belong to, you don’t wait till a situation arises where you need favour from the people before you say I’m giving you a bus. If you do that, it amounts to vote-buying. Why is it that during the 2016 campaign he didn’t bring 275 pickups, not even buses, but wait for the time when you say ‘vote for me and get these buses’. That amounts to vote-buying,” Ntim bemoaned.

Blay, who is also the acting Chairman of the NPP promised to deliver a bus each to NPP supporters in all the 275 constituencies across the country.
A promise he has made good of when he took delivery of the buses on Wednesday.

Acting and aspiring National Chairman of NPP, Freddie Blay
Stephen Ntim however advised the delegates not to be swayed by the gifts and offers from Freddie Blay.

“Please accept anything that is offered to you, but do not allow those considerations to influence your decision to vote for Ntim,” he advised NPP delegates.

While touting some of his achievements, Mr. Ntim said 16 years ago, he single-handedly donated 14 vehicles to the party. Back then he identified a need and took care of it without making any promises to anyone or expecting anything in return