Guest Post

Fairre Style Avenue Dancers Sheila Agyemang and Ahmed Tijani Collaborate to Make a Beautiful Routine

Two great Dancers in the name of Sheila Agyemang (Sheebaby) and Ahmed Tijani came together to collaborate on a dance piece at the just ended Asafutufiam Festivals in Ada

The two dancers who are with Fairre Style Avenue created a work of art together. The connection they made was a beautiful example of how communication can happen without words.

They danced with energy: seeing and feeling, and any nervousness or insecurity gets lost in the art.
Sheila Agyemang popularly known as Sheebaby who doubles as a choreographer in an interview the festival said, though she is in the same dance group with Ahmed Tijani, they haven’t have a great opportunity to exbit their dancing skills together like they did today .

According to her she is a choreographer and Tijani being a stylist makes their collaboration Unique.