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Alhaji Bature’s “Boy” Goes for NDC Top Post

A trusted confidant of the late Alhaji Bature Iddrisu who doubles as news editor of The aL-hAJJ newspaper, Amos Blessing Amorse, has filed nomination to contest the constituency secretary post of the Domeabra Obom Constituency of the National Democratic Congress.

Regarded as one of the astute young journalists and budding upcoming lawyers in Ghana, Mr Amorse’s decision to contest at the constituency level has come as surprise to many who thought he will stake claim to one of the national positions.

In a telephone conversation with, the “let’s make a difference together” campaigner, laughed off suggestions that his service was needed at the national level.

“I’m awestruck by these comments. My people in Domeabra Obom need me than anybody else. I have always advocated for us to strengthen our party at the grassroots. Whether you serve the party at the branch, constituency or national level, it is the same NDC that we are all working for. For now, I’ve decided to serve the party and my people in my constituency. Domeabra Obom made me who I am today…I cannot run to anywhere when I know all is not well at home. The party needs some of us at the grassroots to help strengthen it,” he stated.

According to the one time vociferous student activist, there is there urgent need to rekindle the spirit of comradeship which hitherto was the NDC’s claim to fame. “Domeabra Obom NDC needs serious restructuring and from what I have gleaned from the grapevine, there will be light at the end of the tunnel. There is a disconnect between the members of the party and the leadership in the constituency. We must cure that as soon as possible. The growing attrition and despondency have eaten deep into our fold, and if some of us continue to look on, the party will suffer another excruciating defeat.”

He added that the party needs formidable administrative system in the constituency to champion the interest of members, adding “the first point of call when the people of Domeabra Obom NDC give me the opportunity to serve them will be to unite the party. It is out of this that the welfare and other consequential issues can be addressed”.

Mr Amorse urged all aspirants to engage in clean campaign as “this is an internal election. After this election, all of us must converge under the same umbrella to strategize for election 2020. Needless stereotyping and badmouthing should not find space in this contest”.