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Akufo-Addo’s US military base Agreement is an insult to all Ghanaians – Joint Action for Justice

A pressure group called the Joint Action for Justice has referred to the Ghans-US defence deal as a total insult to the entire Ghanaian populace.

The statement copied to suggests that the Country’s sovereignty has been sold on a silver platter.

Below is the full statement;

Press release


We have observed, with great pain, the statements made by the ruling Government in respect of the mortgaging of Ghana’s sovereignty to the United States of America via the recent Ghana US Military Agreement.

It is most unfortunate that the Agreement, in its current form, has received Parliamentary ratification.

We are shocked that our struggle for independence and the consolidation of our position as a stable, democratic and progressive nation could be thrown away for a mere $20 million.

We are particularly outraged over the terms of the Agreement which grants unfettered and unimpeded access to the United States of America of certain facilities and areas in Ghana, and authorisarion to exercise control over these facilities and areas.

The nation Ghana has stood, for years, with powerful nations on United Nations missions all over the world to secure the peace and tranquility of nations faced with crisis. We never anticipated that all our efforts would be reduced to such a low level at a time like this.

We are of the view that this Agreement, in its quest to ride roughshod over of our fundamental and sovereign law the 1992 Constitution, is an insult to the entire population of Ghana.

We register our disgust at this betrayal of trust by the ruling Government.

By this statement we call on the Government to, as a matter of urgency, take steps to ensure that this Agreement does not come into force in its current state.

We call on all well-meaning progressive Ghanaians to add their voices to this call on our Government to halt the implementation of this unacceptable pact for the safety and security of our beloved country, Ghana.


Baba Musah – 0246405890
Sulemana Abdul Karim – 0242025745
Stephen Attuh – 0271687801