It was clear in their first hundred days in office that Mr Akufo Addo would be an incompetent president and his Vice, an embarrassment. But over the past 18 months, the President has proven himself to be a dangerously incompetent President and his Vice, an embarrassment. Competence is determined or assessed by the output of what you make with the assignment you are given. Does this country, the way it is now, look like a country that is being competently governed? The President’s incompetence is shown in every segment of our lives as a nation. The economy is in crisis, businesses are collapsing, banks are collapsing, businesses are laying off workers. Is that a foot of a competent leadership? If that is the situation, then, it means that we have gotten worse than we were when he took over the reins of power in 2016. Then it is very obvious that he is incompetent as leader to manage corporate Ghana.

President Akufo Addo and Dr Bawumia, inherited a Ghana rated second in terms of size of economy in west Africa. A Ghana rated number one in terms of human development index, A Ghana rated second to South Africa in terms of electricity expansion and supply, second in terms of potable water supply. Mahama bequeathed to them a Ghana with the second most stable currency in West Africa. A Ghana projected to grow by 8+ percent between 2017 and 2018. A Ghana with excess power. Take a look the insecurity situation in the country and the display of impunity by miscreants operating under the guise of vigilantism. The hapless incompetence of Akufo Addo and his Vice is virtually impossible to exaggerate. Yet, some sycophants still support and campaign for their reelection by covering his monumental failures and incompetence with absurd and bizarre excesses.


Ghana’s destiny lies in our hands, but the people willing to mortgage their destinies by selling their conscience and vote is disheartening, a people who are resistant to freedom are impossible to liberate. John Mahama, the achiever, the man whose achievements and record are making things extremely difficult for Nana and Bawumia, is coming back to liberate Ghanaians from the hardship they find themselves.


Akufo Addo’s policy of nepotism and tribal patronage is no longer news, the news is that, why is Ghanaians including Prof Adei and all who vehemently attacked Mahama over same allegation, tolerating that under Akufo Addo? We have a legislature, judiciary and civil society organizations who ought to check the excesses of the executive arm of government, why is the President getting away with these acts of impunity unchallenged? The questions we should be asking ourselves are ; why are citizens docile? Why are the parliamentarians (majority) scared? Why is the judiciary and the security agencies being cowed. And would a democratic system with all the organs in place tolerate that tyrannical tendencies and actions of a supposedly elected democratic President? Can we juxtapose tyranny and democracy and pretend that we are operating a democratic system? Aikido Addo represents what democracy is not and we must learn to say no, we are a country governed by law, ours is a constitutional democracy. He cannot operate Ghana as a kingdom where the proclamation of the King are laws. We have our set of laws including how bonds are issued, procurement procedures etc.

The anti corruption fight he trumpeted in opposition is nothing but a gimmick to silence dissenting and opposition voices. You cannot be fighting corruption by being brutally corrupt.

What difference is the Npp going to make if voted into power in 2020 polls? Ghanaians are totally committed to give power to the youngster generation after assessing what they saw under young Mahama and aged Akufo Addo (Mr Misled) Ghanaians have discovered that those our fathers have failed this nation in governance. Ghanaians want a change. The Npp at all levels have failed this nation terribly including its stronghold Ashanti Region.

It is time to take our destinies in our own hands. If we sell it now or misuse it because of tribal permutations, next generation to come would not forgive us. We cannot be cowed again. They cannot deceive us again. We are tied of policy of broken promises; there is no success in an ocean of failure. As far as Ghanaians are concerned, Akufo Addo is a superly incompetent.