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After helping NPP win power, they’ve not bought even a ‘k3k3’ for me – Opambour laments

The General Overseer of Ebenezer Miracle Worship Centre, Rev Opambour Ebenezer Adarkwa Yiadom popularly known as Prophet One has berated the New Patriotic Party (NPP) for been ungrateful after helping the political party to win the 2016 elections.

The Man of God who is popularly known as Prophet One in one of his studio sessions while speaking about the worrying change in the attitude of some supposedly “big men” in Ghana when they taste political power said the NPP had neglected him since the party came to power.

To him, he should have been enjoying some of the goodies been enjoyed by the “big men” in government for the roles he played in ensuring that the party won the 2016 elections with a massive endorsement from Ghanaians.

He recalled how the leadership of the NPP frequented his Church premises when they were in opposition but they have pretended not to even acknowledge his contribution indicating that the first lady is one of the people who visited but shockingly, he’s not even got a tricycle which is called “K3k3” in the local parlance.

Opambour said after being ungrateful and not showing appreciation for all he did for the NPP, the party and its advocates also have also started to tag him as NDC just because he’s been telling the party the truth about the situation on the grounds.

The Man of God said if the party makes him enjoy some of the material gains or not, he will continue to speak the truth about the happenings in the country .

“The NPP should have brought us a land-cruiser by this time. They should have even helped us laid pavement blocks here to make our church premises look good. This is the same place they passed and came tome for blessings to win the election but after winning they’ve neglected me and my Church. Even common k3k3 or a car in clement’s hometown used for an ambulance they’ve not bought for me. God should have mercy.

“Now people in the NPP are saying Opambour is an NDC sympathizer just because Opambour speaks the truth. I will continue to tell the world what the Lord sends me to tell the world. If you won’t bring us a car or not we will continue to speak the truth to power.”