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Actress turned Film producer Mercy Apafo releases poster for new movie titled “Okomfo”

Former dance champion Mercy Apafo who is now a film producer cum actress has released official poster for her upcoming movie titled Okomfo.

The poster which has caused lot of buzz among industry players features Mercy and snakes as the main lead characters in the movie .

Adding up to the 5th movie she has produced, she said that the movie talks about the good and bad ‘Priests ‘ ‘Okonfo’we have in Ghana.

According to her people fear and see priests as bad people within the society , meanwhile we have the good and the bad ones.

On record she has featured in over 13 movies with 5 five coming from her own production house ,’Divine Mercy Productions’.

As to when the movie will officially be released she said fans should expect the movie in December .