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Greetings Mr Trump,

Ghana-United States relations have generally been friendly since Ghana’s independence. This enviable relations between the two countries were rocky during the later years of our country’s founder and first President Dr Kwame Nkrumah because of C.I.A’s activities in Ghana against the Nkrumah administration, and in the early 1980s because of Ghana’s relations with Libya and diplomatic incidents in the mid-1980s. In spite of these unfortunate incidents, relations between the two nations started improving from the late 80s and could now be described as perfect. This was made possible because of how leaders of the two nations handled matters between the two states with maturity and dexterity. I trust in your competence despite my disagreement with some of your decisions and pronouncements example being your recent description of Africa as a “Shithole”.

Mr President, the United States is among Ghana’s major trading partners and the support your country has given Ghana over the years is too enormous to gloss over. Ghana was the first country to accept the United States Peace Corps Volunteers in 1961, thousands of Ghanaians have been educated in the United States. In 1989 when the economy of Ghana started weaning itself from serious recession, the United States magnanimously forgave US$114 million of Ghana’s debt. The United States offered and continue to offer support to Ghana’s Economic and political reform policies and since our return to constitutional rule, has offered assistance to help the country consolidate our democratic gains. The current agreement between Ghana and the United States is not the first between the two countries. The United States and Ghana militaries have cooperated in numerous joint training and exercises and Ghana was one of the first militaries to receive AFRICAN CONTINGENCY OPERATIONS TRAINING AND ASSOCIATION (ACOTA) training in early 2003. In the area of trade, the United States is among Ghana’s major partners as I indicated earlier. Several United States firms have invested in Ghana, primarily in gold mining, wood products, and petroleum. United States mining company Newmont is operating comfortably in Ghana. Some giant oil companies have signed oil exploration agreement with Ghana and have started their exploration business. United States development assistance including the Millennium Challenge Corporation, USAID have contributed to the country’s socio-economic as well as political development.

Mr President, your country and Ghana recently entered into a military cooperation agreement- the agreement has caused a wave of protest and tension in Ghana and for the first time since the return to constitutional rule, we are witnessing tension and acts of brutal repression against those protesting against the agreement. Government is using its vigilante forces and state security institutions to intimidate citizens protesting against the agreement. Students are being shot by security forces, women are receiving bullets and innocent citizens are being brutalised.

Mr President, God has blessed you with enough wealth- one of the successful businessmen in the world and I don’t think you need frivolous agreements and “dirty” deals to add to your wealth. When dealing with leaders of continent who easily become richer than their countries, you need effective lenses to look into their proposals. Our leaders see politics and political office as avenue to get rich and build personal and family empires and example of it is what we battling with in our country today. You were voted into office because of Americans dissatisfaction with traditional politicking..that is our bane. We’ve been rendered dry and empty because of selfishness of our political leaders.

Mr President, the people of Ghana are agitating against the agreement because of past incidents. A document which contained a collection of diplomatic and intelligence memos, telegrams and reports on Africa in Foreign Relations of the United States which was declassified by National Security Council and the CIA, provided evidence of the United States involvement in the first coup d’etat in Ghana in 1966. The document exposed overt diplomacy and covert actions of President Lyndon Johnson’s administration from 1964-1968.

Mr President, one year before the 1966 coup, the US Ambassador to Ghana William Mahoney, participated in discussions in Washington, DC with the then CIA Director John McCone and the deputy chief of the CIA’s African division. He shamelessly predicted that Nkrumah will be toppled within a year. Mr President, according to Mahoney’s own account captured in page 252 of the said document “at a point Nkrumah, who had been holding his face in his hand, looked up and he [ Mahoney], saw him shedding tears”. That was the pain the American government through its operatives in the country inflicted in the heart of the founder of Ghana.

Mr President, we that your military has adopted a “hub and spoke”- Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti, an array of smaller, temporary installations complementing this hub, including basic cooperative security locations in Gabon and Senegal, drone installation in Cameroun, Chad, Kenya and Somalia and the new $100 million facility in Agadez in Niger. My checks confirms that the overall US military network in Africa consists of forty six sites, thirteen cooperative security locations, and thirty one contingency locations. The point is..terrorists activities in these countries where the the United States has established its military bases. Ghana is ready to cooperate with the United States and its allies in their counterterrorism activities. But Ghanaians will never support establishment of a permanent United States Military base in any part of the country because of happening in our sister countries.

Mr President, Africa and Ghana is ever ready to welcome Mr Trump and his business empire and ready to do genuine business with the Trump business empire. I pray that the God Lord touches your heart as you read this letter to understand the points raised therein. We pray Mr Trump throw this bogus agreement into his dustbin and restart the negotiation. I am not requesting for total cancellation of the agreement no…I am appealing to Mr President to take a second look at the articles in the agreement and advise accordingly.

Mr President, the United States should not not wait for blood to fill our streets and homes, for mothers and children to travel miles for food and water because of recklessness on the part of our selfish leaders before you send tanks and humanitarian aid to Ghana. Ghana is the continent’s torch bearer, the voice of the continent…these enviable credentials must be maintained for the benefit of Africa, the United States and all progressive nations

Long live Africa!

Long live Ghana

Long live America

Ohenenana Obonti Krow
(A Wailing Soul )